Dell PowerEdge R210 II - 16gb - Intel G850
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This is a server in my garage running the latest gentoo linux as of 4/23/2019 (4.19.27-gentoo-r1) and is folding as well as acting as nice remote storage for me

I know what you are thinking... this webpage looks horrible, but that's okay, pretty ones usually dont validate ;o) Amazon ECS Host main page Dedicated host - Amazon ECS Spectrum Cable 400mbps down 20mbps or so up - (this machine) (this machine) Garage Camera (view/view) click http jpeg if you dont want to install VLC
WebCam It's pointing at the street through a garage window currently, will move about later to get above bushes or something
Random Image:
Random Image
Shadowmapping early screenshot in my engine, rendering every light in left, right, up, down, forward, back, directions (cubemap) and using a FBO to save depth / Z buffer to a texture and finally doing the "real render" in camera space using the shadow matrix and depthmap to generate shadows